Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dofus - Xelor - The Ultimate Build - [ Dofus Kamas ]

The Vitality / Scrolled Xelor
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pain No gain

Actual level 9x
Because this guide (almost) explain my xelor's build, things

like gears or level tips will be updated when I'll get enought level or If someone will

advise me any level tips or gears

So do NOT reply like: "oh stupid

noob there are like 100 vitality xelor" or "is this a guide? my home monkey can

write more good than ya" or more stupid replies.

Characteristeristics points
If can scroll Vitality as max you can then put ALL

to Vitality till lvl 100.
Characterists you MUST scrolls:
- 25Wisdom

25Base stat*
- 50Agility**
- 101Wisdom
- 101Base

- 101Agility**
You can too boost other things like

int and/or wisd for be an "hybrid"
- Use str for attack in close, int for attack

in long range with hand, counter+blinding for reflect and int for reduct damage with

After LeveL 100+ maybe you should stop pump vitality (you can too

keep pump it if you want to get like 3.000hp at hight hight lvl tongue.gif) and start pump str (more dmg with hammers and PoX, more pods tongue.gif ) or wisd (More Reflect, More XP, maybe the best thing if you boosted

101wisd) or int (In this case boost Hand to LeveL 6, Mummufication to 5 too, More init) or

Chance (Clock)
* Your main attack characterist (str or int or cha)

Here you can see all Xelor's spells.
1-11: Counter lvl


- 2ap, 4turns, 3-9 reflect + (total wisdom / 10)
12-21: Slow

Down lvl 5

- 1ap, steal 2-3ap, 1-12 range
22-31: Hammer skill lvl


- 6ap, +60%dmg
32-41: Save for devotion
42: Devotion lvl


- 2ap, give 2ap to you and/or allies and remove, for one turn, 3ap


43-51: Teleport lvl 5 or flight (I did Teleport to 3 and Flight to

- 4ap, 1-16 range (one for turn)
52-60: Save for Blinding Protection
61: Blinding Protection lvl 5
- 2ap, +60% probability to avoid AP losses, 6

reflect + (total wisdom / 10)

62-71: Flight to 5 or teleport (I'll do

Teleport to 5 and Flight to 5)
- 2ap, 1range, 1/50 failure
82-91: Clock lvl 5 or

save for lvl 6 spell (so you'll get more to 6 at lvl 100)
- 5ap, 1-3 range, 31 to

35 (water), steal one ap, 36-40 critical dmg

91: Punch of Xelor

lvl 5

- 6ap, 1-5range, 41-45 dmg (earth), 46-50 critical dmg
87-91: Shriveling lvl 4-5
- lvl4: 3ap, 1-7range, 9-13 dmg (air),

11-15 critical dmg
- lvl5: 3ap, 1-8range, 10-15 dmg (air), 12-17 critical dmg

(If your

question is: why lvl shriveling and not hand that isn't linear and will do better dmg?
My answer: int is too expansive to scroll, agility till 50 is so cheap
int will help only to

get more init and more red with mummy, agility will help with crit and dodge too)
87-91: Loss

of motivation lvl 4-5

- lvl4: 1ap, 1-6range, remove 6% ap loss reduction

lvl5: 1ap, 1-8range, remove 8% ap loss reduction

92-99: Save for lvl 6 spells
100: Hammer skill lvl 6
- 3ap, +65%dmg (that's just a


Now i'll say all spells that you should max but that will be

your choice

1xx: Counter lvl 6
- still 2ap, 5turns, 6-11reflect +

(total wisdom / 10)

1xx: Slow Down lvl 6
- still 1ap, steal 2-4ap,

1xx: Dial of Xelor lvl 5
- 2ap, summon a dial
->Dial Characteristics:
->400hp, 4ap,

0mp, 0%ap and mp loss


Resistence: 38%neutral,

28%earth and fire,
-17%water, -40%air
->>Weakness (a spell wich is like LoM)

10%ap loss reduction (5 turns)
->>>Critical hit: -50%ap loss

reduction (infinite)
106+: Haziness lvl 6
- 3ap, -4-5ap

(3turns) to all, undodgable, 6turns between two casts
111+: Teleportation lvl


- still 4ap, but with -just- 1-63 range (so all map)

Shriveling lvl 6
- still 3ap, 1-8range, 13-20 dmg (air), 16-23 critical



Hand lvl 6 (If going to boost Int)
- 4ap, 12-22dmg, 1-12range

Mummificaion lvl 5 (If going to boost Int)
- 6ap, 15dmg red., 15dmg red.,

2mp loss, 100%avoid mp loss, +7dmg
(lvl 1 is better for cha or str build because only

the dmg reduction will be 10 instead of 15)

Legend: Universal Strength Chance Inteliggence Agility*
you can easly be an hybrid, like chance/agility as I am
My spells roadmap (if don't

want to read all smile.gif )


Counter lvl 5
21: Hammer skill lvl 5
31: Slow Down lvl


42: Devotion lvl 5
51: Teleport lvl 5
61: Blinding

protection lvl 5

71: Flight lvl 5
81: Clock lvl 5

Hammer skill lvl 6
101: Counter lvl 6
101: Slow Down lvl


106: Dial of Xelor lvl 5
111: Teleport lvl 6

Loss of Motivation lvl 5 or (if gonna be int/cha) Hand

Haziness lvl 6

Level Tips
1-5: Level with weaks arachnee in the tutorial.
6-10: If can afford

an adventurer set use hand lvl 1 and dark ray lvl 1 versus gobballs or just buy a lots of ivory

parchment for get lvl 10.
11-37: Go to mushd or just to astrub meadows.

Piglets, Treechnids, Blops-Dopeul(counter+prespic), Chafers, etc..
61-?: Kanigrous if

you got AT LAST 200wisdom and lvl 5blinding-counter
Anyway this will be your


This gear will be universal

(battle and wisd) for low lvl

1-10: Adventurer or nothing (ivory lvlup).

Gobball set with a Fortifying ring (lvl 11).
19: You can use a boar ring for +10wisd with

your gobball set.
26: If you train at mushd buy a 5reduction magus fecalizer ring so

with counter you'll reflect 3-12 and a plus of 5 reduction (so they can hit you only with

a critical hit).
27: You can use a sargasse hammer (need some int, gob set give, and

chance so you can scroll 6chance points, 1-2kk each scroll, or just use a chance ring, like

ecaflip chance) for do more dmg but no ap and str/vit/wisd bonus.


30: You can use a xelor's past for +15wisd with your gobball set.
38-42: Prespic set with Gobball.
43: Replace gob hammer with Fearsome Mace

Tmosfer (4ap, +10wisd, +21hp, 1-2psyc.reduct. -15cha)
- Fearsome Mace Tmosfer

Conditions: Strength > 15, Intelligence > 15

45-48: Prespic set with Gob

parts (with fearsome mace tmosfer, need int too).
49-65: Prespic set with

Ragalde's boots(perfect int and str is a must), Silimelle's ring, Fearsome mace and

ammy of luck (If, near, perfect you'll can get 165wisdom smile.gif )
66-?: Replace Fearsome Mace Tmosfer with ragnarok (little more

dmg, +1summ, +36-45int, +36-45wisd, +11-20vit).
- Ragnarok Conditions: Strength

> 40, Intelligence > 40, Wisdom > 10

Battle gears (before lvl 45

use the wisdom gears)
45-7: Full treechnid with great outar hammer and kam assutra

ammy (8ap+2ap from devotion so can hit twice with hammer)
- Great Outar

Conditions: Strength > 38, Intelligence > 10

48-?: Replace great outar with

imposing outar
- Imposing Outar Conditions: Strength > 42, Intelligence >


A Chance gear for lvl 55
With a great

Blue scara

(+120cha), a Re'Thu hammer, powerful chase boots, kam assutra ammy and an

enutrofus's memeto ring you'll get about +190cha (scroll cha to 25 like

So you'll hit this(123 as averange without critical)
Thx to Groach lvl 1xx vit Xelor

A Strength/Critical gear for lvl 82 (beta, never tryed)
Weapon: Kaiser

Young vald's for now as ring
- a lots of +, +24str, +2cri

Gelano if can afford
- +1ap
Belt: +9chaf
Boots: Terrdala if

can afford or orino
Amulet: Kam assutra if can't afford farles
Hat: King jellix/Terddala or if can't afford gelano just treecaska
Cape: Rags +10

A Great wisdom set for level 56+(with this set i get almost


A Great wisdom set for level 66+ (str based)
Weapon: Ragnarok
- +36-40wisd (+int and +vit too) with good dmg (4ap)
Ring1: Xelor's

past or dark treering (for the conditions on ragnarok)
Ring2: Xelor's past

or dark treering (for the conditions on ragnarok)
Belt: Adelus +15-25wisd
Boots: Sandals ailuya
- +15-24wisd (gives a lots of things too)
Amulet: Ammy of luck 20-35wisd
Hat: The bear +10-20wisd (a lots

of +str and -int, min -1int)
Cape: Ouginak +15-25wisd or O'boul cloak (lvl


this set i get up to 300wisdom)

Stimate lvl 27 Damage
(with gobball set)
If you get a good gobball

(+90str without hammer) and 5base str scrolled, with an hammer skill lvl 5 and a sargasse

hammer you'll hit THIS DAMAGE (twice).
With 250-450hp

IPB   Image

Stimate lvl 48 Damage (with treechnid


If you get a good treechnid set (+180str) and 25base str scrolled, with an

hammer skill lvl 5 and an imposing outar hammer you'll hit THIS DAMAGE (twice).
With 400-600hp biggrin.gif
IPB   Image

Anyway if you get an hp pet or an hp dofus or scrolled 101hp or

whatever that give hp bonus you'll have more hp than I said.

PvP gear for level 80-82+



Weapon: Water forged

Nitruhant hammer (a water forged fantal is better but harder to forgemage)
- Akwandala staff if

use only clock

Ring1: Akwandala set ring


- If can't afford use ice kwak

(you'll get +?-20chance some hp some +%dmg and +15chance-vit as


Stimate damage with near/perfect


IPB Image
(results: +2ap +1mp +150-300chance a lots of

hp, agility and wisdom)